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Audio visual language conversions enable your organization to reach vast populations that do not use English. Our audio visual translation services professionals have prepared language conversions of films, videos, presentations, and multimedia for more 7 years.

Our process includes client review, feedback, and approval as essential for producing the product that best suits your needs. We give chance to our clients to monitor recording sessions to ensure that timing, voice quality, volume, emphasis, and mixing of music and sound effects are exactly right. We ensure that the foreign language version must be equal to the English original in all respects.

The Audio and Video Translation process includes:

  • Lip Synchronizing
  • Voice over production
  • On-screen text replacement
  • A/V production
  • Transcription
  • Languagetranslatorindia, New Delhi, India is one of the most sought after destinations which deal with audio and video translation. We know that all translations aren't just documents. We understand the need for audio and video translations and accept TV, VCD, DVD, audio cassettes or any other audio/video files. Our experts can translate audio and video material with ease, including: documentaries, reports, conversations and presentations - provided of course that the quality of the audio is adequate. We cover a wide variety of document types, whether it pertains to the fields of legal, technical, medical or marketing. Our translators will watch or listen to your audio or video source, and write down the speech in the source format. Then they translate that text into the target language of your choice. The service provided by our skillful professionals is error free and absolute which provides the most accurate meaning of your original document.

    We, at Languagetranslatorindia provide best products as far as Audio and Video translation is concerned. These are:

  • Promotional, training, and instructional videos
  • Multimedia programs on CD-ROM
  • Multilingual audio tours for museums and other tourist attractions
  • Slides and overheads for presentations
  • Video translation and narration
  • Transcription and translation of audio recording for litigation discovery