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Data conversion is defined as conversion of computer data from one form to another. It is not an unfamiliar process in the global market today. The objective of data conversion is to maintain all of the data, and as much of the embedded information as possible. The process is possible if the source and the target data format are of same features and structures. Languagetranslatorindia offers a wide variety of modern data conversion tools which helps you handling complex, time bound and sensitive projects. The expertise of our experienced professionals has made us highly proficient in the field. Our unique services enable you convert and organize your content to create electronic document. It also helps you to populate data bases, publish it on the web and to keep it ready for future technology.

Our services encompass the entire data conversion process which includes:

  • Data across various databases on different platforms.
  • Input or output for almost any media
  • Data from databases
  • Data from or to word processors
  • Data from or to spreadsheets .
  • Data from or to packaged applications
  • Data from or to custom software packages
  • Add, remove or change record delimiters
  • Convert raw data into Microsoft Office
  • Text to PDF and PDF to Microsoft Word
  • Data compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  • Data to or from eBooks
  • From PageMaker to PDF
  • From Microsoft Word to HTML
  • From text to Word Perfect